New ABCs of Sales:

It's About People

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Caroline Tien-Spalding
sheevaun.thatcher and
October 8th | 10:00 PDT | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Why the Old ABC of Sales is Getting Retired

These days, it might better be left to a movie.

How to Implement the New ABCs

Discover how Sheevaun and Brooke have developed playbooks to coach and develop their teams.

How leaders at Outreach and RingCentral think about organizations

They'll share their perspective on their career and how they think about people.

What Concretely Works for Them

There's a job description side to the role - and then there's the "What Actually Has Worked". They'll share practical tips that have helped them and their teams.


About Brooke Bachesta

Brooke currently leads the SDR team at Outreach.IO, the premier sales outreach automation tool and latest unicorn valuation.

She is the co-chair of Outreach's women in sales initiative, Gals & SALs.


About Sheevaun Thatcher

Sheevaun has a unique blend of experiences spanning 30 years - starting as a developer all the way to Sales Enablement Leader at RingCentral today.

How she thinks about Sales Enablement: Sales Enablement partners with Sales Leadership to identify the plays and develop the strategies to help our customers buy from us. My Playbook utilizes an infrastructure of proven methods, tools, systems, and mechanisms to increase sales momentum resulting in a significant impact on company growth and revenue. We win!

I'm very fortunate that my investors have faith in the vision and best practices I've honed over the years and created a powerful sales enablement business development program within the larger corporate business.

None of this happens without my team. People power performance. What drives you and your team?

What People Say About The Leadership Series

October 8th
10:00 PDT